Icie Marie has been a part of the Detroit music scene for many years, having performed with well-known local performers, including Jim Buckingham, Larry Larson, Jim Perkins and Walter Walsh. She has performed on stage at the Dublin Inn, Tipperary Pub, AOH, the Detroit Gaelic League, and the Innisfree Inn in Chicago, and more. She is active in many things Irish: history, culture, language, and of course, music and song. She was honored in 1997 with a nomination for Grand Marshall of the Detroit St. Patrick's Day Parade.
As the keyboard player, a whistle player and a vocalist for the group, Icie provides the full, rich harmonies beneath the songs and tunes, which helps give Inis-Ceol its unique sound. Her bodhran lends verve and authenticity to the tunes.
Icie provides lessons to those interested in learning to play the bodhran (Irish drum) and whistle. Contact Icie Marie via e-mail or call 313-386-3643.